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Testimonial Video Guideline:

Video Length: 45s - 2min [HQ iPhone 1080p minimum]

1. Hi my name is _____ (name)

2. I am a ____ (artist, producer, singer, manager etc..) under the name ______ (artist/brand name)

3. I have used GSCBaby services since ____(year started working with me), for _____(explain what services you’ve received from me)

4. It has helped me by _______ (explain how the service or guidance helped you)

5. As a result I have achieved ______ (state a goal that has been achieved for your career in conjunction from working with me)

6. Any additional short comments or anecdotes..

7. End the video with a statement consigning me or my services

Just be yourself and speak in the video the way that is most comfortable for you, don't want it to feel forced.
Let me know if you need help to pinpoint the best responses for your testimonial.

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