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What a historic time for the 6ix when their ambassador consistently gets attacked in a Jay Z verses. "Shining", another "exclusive" Tidal release, continues the ongoing back and forth sparring between the Brooklyn rapper and Toronto's own Drake. This record is actually DJ Khaled's and it features Beyoncé as well, who actually vibes the joint in Drizzy type flows on the hook (s/o Danja). Like said before, the song is currently only available on Tidal, and eventually the other streaming sites will have it as well. Though a quick search over YouTube will easily enable you to find and listen to the track ;)

Just kidding. Here's the song.

The video I posted hear is a great analytical break down of the entire beef from the initial shots taken by Drake in his RollingStone Interview way back, to the lyrical break down of Jay Z's verse in Khaled's new single. (s/o DJ Akademiks)

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