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If Marilyn Manson Was A TrapStar


Trap is getting darker and darker..I like it, it is exposing a side of rap that rarely gets attention in this glam centered genre. Depression, anger, hate etc.. are sides of the human experience that the black community sometimes fails to recognize exist. It's the Yin to the Yang we celebrate so much. We only want happy vibes in conscious music and happy days in hustler music. Basically reminding us to remain positive until riches come and look how positive life is because riches are here. Meanwhile on the other side of the train-tracks lies an entire demographic who do not revel in the happiness of material wealth or do not find peace in the future their world is laying out for them. This wave of expression will not give you sweet dreams or make you feel like we are any closer to holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

Whether the art is real or a long lasting troll of humanity's evil psyche, this musician resonates. His sound is well distorted, loud and meant to disturb. This dude is also responsible for a viral song that literally says 'A' the entire record..But, he is also a little genius. Syringe's sound is everything trap fuzed with everything core metal. For me, it's like new age metal; GothTrap. His aggressiveness is similar to rapper XXXTENCION and a majority of his sounds are produced by Landfill.

Take in Syringe's Soundcloud

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