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His fans currently have Drake on trial for copying his flow in a new unreleased song. Based on the evidence, it's no longer a question of whether Drizzy stole his flow or not, but why? XXXTENTACION has also been accused of running with Lil Uzi's flow as well, but that's debatable, as they're all from the same generation. This Gothic trap-star has records so interesting that it will change your whole perspective of rap & hip-hop. I'm sure punk rock and core metal felt similar in their days of origins. This era of dark/alternative urban music, makes old-school TheWeeknd feel like a regular Sunday morning at church. It makes Machine Gun Kelly's sound hit like a water pistol, and makes ODD FUTURE seem normal. X in contrast has some of the darkest music on the net right now. Some other dudes are up there in comparison, but lack the clout and following to really compete. If XXXTENTACION doesn't make this year's XXL list I'll be surprised. I'm no oracle when it comes to predicting the future of this genre, but I'm rarely wrong in my thoughts and opinions of how the sound waves likes to move. As a beat maker myself, I see how these sub-genres can exist, but as a music lover I can't discriminate to say one has greater value towards the culture than another. Expression has no rules and thus can't be judged, but obviously from the perspective of an individual looking to connect with their own audience, ensuring you hit where it matters is all a creative should focus on. In terms of X's creativity, it hits where his crowd wants and even then some.

Take in a few of his joints off his soundcloud & off youtube.

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