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New Wave Win Of The Day [Devvy Dior - ASSUMPTIONS]


This young god has been pulling together his movement on the low for a while now. The most recent glimpse we got from him, was his feature with new-comer Jacobi IV's debut single "Curse of the Hour Glass", off his SADEHOUSE project (s/o QUIROME & ALTEREGO). The sound for that record was very alternative with a retro-70s-rock-trap infused feel, leaving the audience in anticipation of what Devvy Dior's own sound would be like.

The other glimpse was his rap collab with Minneapolis rapper Tomorrow Genius - "Supply You" (s/o GhostKillerProductions)

I started writing this entry before having listened to this debut single. Devvy Dior's been real tight on this release and I respect the awe. He's been building up anticipation all over his social media. Initially it was just going to be a 'Hip-Hop Where You At?' debut post, but after taking in the record for myself, it became an instant NEW WAVE WIN. Assumptions comes smooth with a bit of edge, the hook's melody is mad catchy. Featuring a guest appearance from Major Blaze, this one's for the late night crooners (s/o VinnyxProd). A solid beginning for Dior, looking forward to what this talented phenom SUPPLIES us with in the future.

Find & Follow Devvy Dior on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @devvydior

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