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Hidden Colors' Tariq Nasheed Faces Off With "Brilliant Idiots" Host Andrew Schulz

The black power movement has been building up steam over the last couple years. With the popularity of movies like The Birth Of A Nation, bringing the black fight narrative back to the mainstream stage. At the same time there is a counter culture growing of anti-white guilt. Individuals who identify as white, but do not feel they have participated in the growth and expansion of white supremacy, and should not have to take responsibility for the rhetoric of systemic racism, as it is ultimately up to good people to do good things. This back and forth of shifting blame is why this episode of Brilliant Idiots, entitled "To Engage or Resist" will go down in history forever. Andrew Schulz, took on a very difficult position to defend, against the god, Tariq Nasheed and we were all lucky to be able to witness this moment.

Full Interview Here

My full commentary below


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