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Emmett Till Was Innocent, Black Men Need A Break!


Can you believe that 10 years ago an interview was done with the "victim"(accuser), who explained that Emmett Louis Till was indeed wrongfully lynched? Now of course in our modern day, LYNCHING is just wrong anyway you slice it. But back in the 50s, a black individual growing up in the southern parts of USA, could be openly lynched for just about any reason. From my point of view and personal experience, lynchings still go on today in the south and all around America.

Now If you don't know the story, Emmett was beaten, mutilated and then shot, for simply flirting with a white woman. They then discarded his body in the nearby river. His body eventually washed up on shores 3 days later. Now to add insult to injury, Till was only 14 years old. This is the kind of legacy of pain and destruction that black culture has had to endure under this elitist-racist system. But remember, this lady(Carolyn Bryant) in 2007 admitted that she embellished the story of her encounter with Till. In 1955 she testified that Till had violently grabbed her and threatened her, saying that he had been with white women before. This enraged her husband to accost the young man, kidnap and lynch him with zero repercussions for his actions. Till's mother took it into her own hands to have his funeral as open casket, allowing images of his disfigured body to circulate the country. These events sparked the awakening of a civil rights war that exist to this day.

Black men are still being destroyed, whether directly by racist officers, or indirectly by ghetto self-destructive gang life and violence. Right now, Chicago has recorded over 200+ murders since the year has began. Residents say that it is normal to hear news broadcasters regularly recite episodes of violence that leave 10-15 dead, with 30+ others injured. It's a modern day massacre, or purge that seems to be going on right now in the USA, right under our noses. Hearing this news about Emmett Till, just adds salt to the wound, as civil right movements have seemed to lose their focus over the decades. Focusing now more on general Women's Rights and LGBTQIAPK Rights, meanwhile the white populous begins to poke holes in the entire movement. The elite have successfully changed the narrative of why civil right activism exist, and this news should help the black community refocus on why we we're fighting in the first place.

Black men & boys, are still the butt of the joke and the lasting rag dolls of society. Double standards keep us from experiencing the real privileges of MANHOOD, while keeping us the subject of blame among our own women who feel less than empowered as well. The archetype of the black family has been destroyed, leaving our men out of place to blindly define their own roles in society. The ever growing conundrum, as our world pushes forward towards post-modernism, is an interesting dichotomy. Personally, as a black man living in the progressive nation of Canada, I see and hear a lot of perspectives. Many feel we are on the cusp of destroying the labels that keep us in bondage, but at the end of the day I will always be un-apologetically a black male. Just like the young Emmett Till, RIP young god!

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