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Ed Lover Podcast [C'Mon SON! IS BACK]


As my privilege over the last years was working out in Atlanta, I have a specific part in my heart for the city and what it means for the Hip-Hop movement. A lot of people outside of the culture really do not understand why RATCHETness even exist. Even I, sometimes, still question where Negros are going when we act out in certain ways. It's a conundrum of thoughts that never finds a real conclusion. Either way, in the midst of the back and forth we find gems, like this new podcast by Hip-Hop personality/comedian, Ed Lover. If you remember his original series of C'MON SON videos that went viral years back on YouTube, well he's back. Still speaking on controversial topics and giving his straight forward thoughts whether taboo or not. Here's the first episode of C'Mon Son! The Podcast


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