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Now there has been an ongoing debate since this site started, whether it has been good for the black community or not. Depending on your reservations, arguments can be made to persuade each side to the latter. I believe there is no clear cut answer as life isn't filled with RIGHTs and WRONGs, but CAUSEs and EFFECTs.

It's clear that Q's life and death has made quite an effect on Hip-Hop community and the Internet. I do not know as yet what caused his death, but it has been reported by a few sources that he was in the midst of kicking his overweight issues when he died. I always said Q was so fat, and that he needs to hit the gym. But, also knowing how this establishment loves to silence those who develop a strong voice and potentially learn the truth and want to expose it; I wouldn't be surprised if there is a deeper conspiracy surrounding his death.

For now, all I can really say that we've lost a true visionary of our era. A person who understood culture and the progression of the internet age better than most. Condolences to the family and friends, and forever may your soul rest in peace as you live now in the realm of the ancestors, the original World Star!

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