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Haviah, The Mighty!!

It is without a shadow of a doubt that Haviah Mighty had one heck of a heavy year for 2016. Highlighted as a premier rap lyricist in TeamBackpack's first ever all Canadian female cypher, celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. She has elbowed her way into the male dominated rap game. I will say, unbiased-ly, that Haviah was, hands down, the MVP of that cypher; though all the ladies came with heavy ass bars.

Since that event she released her main single, For Free and hit her fans with dope visuals for it. (s/o Young Dreadz & VSOPFIlms)


Meanwhile as she builds up anticipation for the release of her 5th indie release, "Flower City", she sat down with local blog, Brampton Says, to give her perspective of growing up in the emerging hip-hop borough: BRAMPTON, vs Toronto. Haviah Mighty is beasting through this new year already, and we haven't even reached February. Looking forward to the project and everything else this talented Queen has in store for us. The rap game may not be ready for her.

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