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RAZ Stabbed!


When I originally heard the young god was stabbed(blogs were saying he was shot at the time), I waited in silence and felt I wouldn't speak on it until I knew from his own account that he was ok and moving forward. This young boss is always focused on music and growth. Raz Fresco is a Producer & Rapper. Some may know that I worked with the genius early in his career and he has been doing damage to the industry since our throwback days. People take talent for granted but dude is one of the nicest in the game and many still don't know it yet.

It's good to know that he's doing alright. I'm sure he's back chillin smoking up and writing fresh music. We're also looking forward to his 2017 project "How U Survive Through Life Everyday". As a black young man growing up in BRAMPTON, I can relate to the level of craziness that goes on. People just don't understand that savagery can be found anywhere at anytime. The conversation is on going, and RAZ will definitely be a voice we will continue to hear on the subject.

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