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Keys N Krates Push Futuristic Male Order in "Love Again"

Toronto's Keys N Krates releases new visuals for their single "Love Again". The video follows the depression of an older lonely woman. She eventually finds a friend by ordering artificial companionship online. Meanwhile it is clear that artificial intelligent life hasn't been accepted by the greater community. With all the race discussions that have been going on (next month is black history month too), this video gives an interesting take on mixed companionship.

Now, loving a computer isn't the ultimate goal, but I feel that living in Canada, we are lucky to experiment with progressive lifestyles ahead of the rest of the world and this video is a great symbolic example of where humanity may find itself in the future. The song itself is hot, though I can't say it tops Dum Dee Dum, but it's still pretty lit. Features vocals by Ouici.

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