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Molly X Cuban, Bout to expose fake rappers

If you love TRAP like I do you might remember when Cuban Doll was riding with Asian Doll in all her videos. It seems that since their falling out, Cuban has switched up the name a little bit to "Cuban Da Savage"..and can be seen rolling more and more with Molly Brazy instead.

Now Trap has always been a controversial subject within the rap world..But even more since the dudes have all become ROCKSTARS, instead of intimidating goons. Nobody really appreciates soft goofy gangsters away from the stage. Since, the ladies have been stepping up showing that street level aggressiveness and sharing the limelight with other lady MCs, which previously was unheard of in female rap.

Culturally I have no problem with the ladies taking over the REAL sides of trap music. I know intrinsically why all these sub-genres of Hip-Hop exist, and for me it's simply a continued artistic expression of the life many are really living in order to survive in this capitalistic world of ours[Deep Moment]. We may hate the TRAP, but thank our soldiers for doing the same things overseas; catch the hypocrisy? At the end of the day, I do hope the undercurrent of this new wave movement educates our own to the reality of the trap lifestyle, but until then I'ma get lit to this new street banger!


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