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The System vs. Black ART

This is very straight forward. It is clear that over the millennia the system/establishment/powers-that-be have had an ongoing beef with the creatives of their generation. But since the conscious movements of old, the system's attack has ever so shifted more and more towards silencing the expression of black men. There seems to be an issue with black men expressing themselves freely and openly. Breaking boundaries and bending/shaping rules outside of what would of previously been seen as contemporary.

John Samuels, is one of those individuals. He along with his collective, Omit Limitation have been pushing the realms of art presentation. The Blank Canvas gallery is a visual artist's haven. I myself was lucky enough to attend the tail end of an event held there last year. The art was dope and tastefully hung all around the venue, which also shared space with a very avant-garde urban clothing designer. The event vibe was chill, allowing for networking among young artists.

Blank Canvas is exactly how it sounds. Each event allows for the artists to curate an experience from scratch to give their audience a detailed exposure to their creative mind. The premise of their gallery is quite unique from other creative spaces, but on NYE 2016, the popo had to crash the entire dream.

Luckily for us, Omit Limitation are resilient and have made strides to keep Blank Canvas alive. They are reaching out to the community for help as their goal to keep the movement going, will require more than well wishes. So for those who love art and understand that artists need platforms, here's their INDIEGOGO so you can put your money where your heart is.

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