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If you know anything about me, you know that I am a GREEN ECONOMY advocate, but in the meanwhile, #BLACKECONOMICS is something I can encourage my community to embrace. It is the next step to equalizing and decentralizing our elite's power structures. It is how we can inadvertently pull the rug up from under those outside our community who control Black Culture and the minds of our youth. Especially online, black culture is the underlining metric of calculating "coolness". Everyone wants to be "cool", and in this internet era, creating coolness is as easy as taking the right selfie wearing the right gear.

We can conclude that the vendors of the cool gear would need to have extreme consciousness towards leading our youth in the right path to build balanced & healthy communities. Often we notice that these vendors aren't so inclined to making positive impacts outside of growing their own pockets. Korey Miller has stepped in to change that narrative.


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