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TriLLLG + Maxwell Frith = GMF


Maxwell Frith is the future of Toronto’s music scene. As one of the main pioneers of the Brampton hip hop scene, which created Tory Lanez, Wondagurl, Eestbound & Haviah Mighty, he has been a staple in developing talent, and as a talent himself, he plans to bring the energy of his movement(GSC) to the international stage.


GMF has created the current Toronto sound. How? Don’t ask him that question, as you’ll be privy to Kanye-esque level rants and long emotional drawn out explanations about the music industry, both locally and internationally.


But, from launching the last Zulu Nation member, Freddie Gibbs’ music career, to helping Ludacris re-up his own game and sound in Hip Hop, GMF’s early career of gaining stripes as a producer is in no comparison to any hip hop brand we’ve seen in the city before him. Without accolades or trophies, GMF has the most sought after sound in Urban Music. Both OVO and One Umbrella have been lucky enough to have his involvement in their movements at one or more points in time.


He is also the musical machine behind Toronto’s largest Hip Hop Beef. Producing, recording and mixing Big Page’s “Things Young Ppl Do” at the height of Page’s beef with Drake himself and the entire OVO crew. It is clear that GMF is beyond the politics and has links to all sides of the city, as he continues to work with both teams.


He is revered by his OG’s, Peers & YG's as a bonafide genius, and has been rubbing elbows with the greats in the USA Hip hop game while remaining on his humble couch in Brampton. Again, don’t ask G to explain this phenomenon as you will be sullied with his stories about progression of technology, creation of brands, years of interning, and his issues within the structuring of the Music Industry. It’d be better to simply take in one of his many self-produced projects.


Currently, #FukDaSystm is the campaign being powered and pushed by GMF's company GSC (Galaktic Soul Crusade).


Maxwell Frith - "FukDaSystm: Lil Nigga” (Produced by TriLLLG), is an EP and the first of 3 releases under the #FukDaSystm campaign.


Maxwell Frith - "FukDaSystm: The Black Family is Gaaawd” album 

(Produced by TriLLLG), is the secound instalment of the FukDaSystm campaign and is out now on YouTube.


Be on the lookout for his “Epilogue” playlist on Spotify & iTunes.


The decision to rebrand his local producer name as 'TriLLL G' is to make it clear to his local colleagues and conglomerate, that his intentions for the music game is simply based on Honesty & Reality (True & Real = Trill), so the game has nothing to fear with him leading the ship.


And now as he pulls his 2nd run together as artist, Maxwell Frith, there is nothing stoping him from taking his crown as the progressive God-Father of Toronto Urban Music.


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