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Windows 17 ( Windows 10 ) Pro X64 V1703 Build 15063 [Soft4Win] Serial Key

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Windows 17 ( Windows 10 ) Pro X64 V1703 Build 15063 [Soft4Win] Serial Key

We've updated the look of Microsoft Edge Insiders to make it more consistent with the other Edge builds. Starting with Windows 17 ( Windows 10 ) Pro x64 v1703 Build 15063, you can see the new and improved Microsoft Edge as part of the Windows Insider Program. To install the Edge Insider Preview directly from the Microsoft Edge web site, follow the directions at Windows Insider Program in the Windows 10 Insider Preview (November release notes).

If you are working with the UWP side-by-side with the managed side, you will notice that many actions such as Add, Remove, Deploy, Uninstall, and Synchronize no longer work. For a list of the actions that continue to work, see If you were using Windows 10 v1703, check out the related issues in the GitHub tracker.

With the introduction of Windows 10 v1703, you can now take advantage of the improvements we made to the UWP app deployment experience. By extending the Windows Installer Core operation WixAppDeploy, you can easily install both managed and unmanaged UWP apps using a single MSI. This single-MSI deployment now makes it easier for end users to download, install, and use your apps from a single download location. To install your apps, you only need to select your apps to be installed. For information about this feature, see App deployment for Windows 10 and Install and deploy apps with Intune.

We've improved the experience of using source controls with Windows Server. Windows Server now shows a more friendly UI in the dashboard that allows you to review the status of your source control server connection and take action if a server connection goes bad. 3d9ccd7d82


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