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Teen Undies Butt

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Teen Undies Butt

Not everyone can tell how each differs from the other. But knowing the difference between hipster and bikini underwear can help you decide on the perfect panties for yourself. Who doesn't want to be more comfortable and confident with the right undies "supporting" them So, which one is better in the bikini vs hipster underwear contest Read up to find out.

Fast forward to the '50, several "huge things" happened in fashion, like poodle skirts, sack dresses, and large, full skirts reminiscent of the Victorian Era. And when it came to women's undies, bigger was also considered better. Granny panties were among the "more substantial" undergarments at this time. Then the 1960s came and gave rise to a different type of underwear called the hipster-cut bikini brief, which evolved into the modern hipster panty. Today, among the conveniences women enjoy is the freedom to choose between bikini and hipster underwear. Some women are definite "hipster-types," while others prefer the more sensual style of bikinis. So, in the bikini vs. hipster battle, which one wins Read on to find out.

The wide gusset of hipsters also gives the feel of boyshorts and helps prevent wedgies. But unlike boyshorts, hipsters cover less of the hips and butt than the former but provide more crotch and back coverage than bikinis.

Bikini-style underwear is one of the most popular types of lingerie. Bikini panties are flirty, providing less coverage in the bum compared to hipsters. This is because they rest much lower than the hip bones, dropping down closer to the thighs than hipster underwear. Bikinis will therefore reveal more of your rear view than typically boyish undies like boy shorts and briefs.

With more skin exposed, you can say that the bikini may be a bit more daring than hipsters. Lesser fabric also means less risk of your undies showing up under skimpy clothes or uber-sexy styles. However, bikini panties provide more security and coverage in contrast to thongs.

Likening bikinis to hipsters may be similar to comparing apples to oranges (well, sort of). Both types of undies are flattering, comfortable, and provide coverage, but each one is designed differently to serve specific purposes. Your decision will ultimately boil down to what bikini vs. hipster underwear factors you consider, such as the occasion, the clothes to be worn, the preferred underwear design, cut, desired amount of coverage, etc. It may be wiser to have both bikini and hipster underwear to suit your different moods and needs. After all, who said you couldn't have as many undies as you desire!

PANTY STRATEGY: Full coverage panties tend to fall short when attempting to covering a curvaceous bottom. Bikinis and briefs can cause a full bottom to look bulky and cause bulges or panty lines. Look for high cut legs openings and silhouettes that gather high on the rear. Round booty types will sometimes find that the majority of their volume is in the center of the cheeks, leaving them to feel out of proportion with sides of the butt that are less full. In this case, the goal is to create the illusion of more volume on the sides.

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